The Timberwolf has room for 5, with a nice open plan and a variety of upright seating. Simple comfort and relaxation in a small footprint is what the Timberwolf is all about.

Choose your hot tub jet configuration

Variations on the Timberwolf model include these options below:

Arctic Spas Timberwolf 25 Hot Tub
Seating Capacity 5 Adults
Dimensions 75” x 86” x 37”H (192 cm x 218 cm x 93 cm)
Water Capacity 272 US Gallons, 1030 Litres
Hot Tub Jets (25) 3" Single Pulse Jets
Jet Pump Two-speed Spa Pump.

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Standard Features - The Arctic Advantage

Self-Supporting “Heat Transfer” Composite Hull

Arctic Spas Self Supporting Hull
Guaranteed to last a lifetime. The shell of an Arctic Spa hot tub is the core of our design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function. We begin by vac-forming sheets of Premium Aristech Cast Acrylic, transferring thousands of hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form.

FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System

Arctic Spas Freeheat
FreeHeat® Insulation Heatlock® was already the best in the industry – we made it even better! We have taken our insulation to the next level. Already the best insulated cabinet in the world, our Heatlock® insulation system did not escape the exacting eye of our engineers.

Digital Spa Pack and Self-Diagnostic Topside Control

Arctic Spas Digital Controls
Arctic Spas® Management System. Advanced technology that is easy to use and ready for the future. The standard control system available on an Arctic Spa is the Gecko brand spa pack and topside. This premium-class control system is extremely dependable, and offers good serviceability and ease of use.

Total Access™ Cabinets

Arctic Spas Red Cedar Cabinets
A cabinet designed to last as long as a totem pole. Beauty, strength and total access are built into every Arctic Spas cabinet. We construct each cabinet using Western Canadian clear red furniture grade cedar.

Pulse™ Therapy Jets with Bearing-less Rotation

Arctic Spas Rotating Massage Jets
Amazing Hydrotherapy Jets Built For Your Hot Tub. The Pulse™ Bearing-less, Thread-in Hot Tub Jet. Arctic Spas® patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse™ jets provide a range of massage from light and refined to deep and invigorating. As the nozzle smoothly rotates on a titanium shaft, water oscillates in a pattern that never stings.

Safety Approvals

Arctic Spas Safety Approvals
We pride ourselves at maintaining the highest standards with our products and as such we ensure that they adhere to these set of official and recognized saftey approval standards.

Comfort and Hydro-Massage

Arctic Spas Comfort Massage
Jets And Horsepower Are A Good Start… Sport arenas, airlines and concert halls all offer a variety of seating styles – and when you have a choice, don't you prefer to choose the most comfortable chair?

Reflex Torsion Hose

Arctic Spas Reflex Torsion Hose/
Better hot tub performance, fewer problems. Arctic Spas is the first company in the industry to use Reflex Torsion Hose in every hot tub and spa. This highly specialized pipe is designed to fit externally over rigid PVC fittings, which allows greater gluing surface, higher water flow and eliminates fitting leaks due to hose movement.

Premium Aristech Acrylic (Platinum Swirl or Ponderosa Pine)

Arctic Spas Hot Tub color Choices
Arctic Spas are made with only the best quality Premium Aristech Acylic brand. All Arctic colors are infused with BioLock™, a unique antimicrobial agent. ( Platinum Swirl or Ponderosa Pine )

LED Lighting

Arctic Spas Hot Tub color Choices
Arctic Spas® uses Precision Beam Diffusion™ LED technology to deliver perfectly mixed true color. Further, by using Wide Radius Projection™ technology our LED lights deliver more pure mood enhancing light then any other lights available.

1 Micron Silver Sentinel Filter

Arctic Spas Micron Filtration
For more advanced hot tub filtration, our Active Skim Filtration and Silver Sentinel 1 Micron Filters help keep your hot tub water sanitary and safe for use, thanks to some of the most innovative technology available in the hot tub filter marketplace today.

Infinite Telescopic Filtration Weir

Arctic Spas Infinite Telescopic Filtration Weir
Our extensive selection of hot tub filter systems and spa filters feature plenty of customized spa filters to choose from.

Also Included:
• Insulated Everlast Floor
• Flow-through Remote Heater
• Polar Cover

Available Custom Options

Choice of Any Available Acrylic Color

Arctic Spas Hot Tub color Choices
Arctic Spas are made with only the best quality Premium Aristech Acylic brand. All Arctic colors are infused with BioLock™, a unique antimicrobial agent.